Making a difference

One Mother's Story

During his first visit to New York City in September 2016, Logan Mazanec, then 5 years old was exposed to homelessness for the first time. This experience sparked several conversations about what he could do to help and specifically, if there was anything he could do to help kids he goes to school with at Taft Elementary who may need it.

After learning about Food For Kids, Logan decorated a big cardboard box and with some help from Mom and Dad he solicited food and monetary donations from family, friends and neighbors. He took the money he collected to Shoprite and was very excited to purchase 85 cups of prepared pasta to add to his donation box.

In early November 2016 Logan brought everything he collected to his first pack-off and he continues to volunteer at the pack-offs several times a year.

(Two pictures - Logan with the donation box he had set up outside our front door. Pardon the costume, it was around Halloween. The second is the donations in the back of our car along with his Shoprite receipt.)